for your
Our art directors and copywriters
will take care to make it all beautiful
Why us?
While most of the studios and designers
are working solely upon beautiful presentations,
we pay close attention to the meaning.

An ordinary designer
works on the style, not the content.
700pixels' Art Director
pays attention to both:
vision and meaning of the presentation.
Price list
Exactly like a real image studio, we have professionals of three categories. All prices are in euros according to currency exchange rates. Large volume discounts are provided.
10€ / slide

This is the fastest and cheapest option. It fits when you just need to make a presentation in a ready-made template.

What does the designer do?

1. Aligns the presentation grid
2. Changes colors and fonts for brand ones
3. Brings all slides to a consistant view
4. Selects right icons and photos
5. Prepares charts and graphs

Art director
20€ / slide

This option includes more thoughtful and long work on presentation , with some worthy and interesting results in the end.

What does the art director do?

1. Corrects texts and reduces their volume
2. Thinks of the more interesting
visual metaphors for the slides
3. Selects unique images and icons
Design director
from 30€ / slide

Select this option if you need a truly unique presentation.

We will treat each slide as infographics, not just a static picture and add some animation if needed.

Your presentation will rock on the market in the best possible way!
Still have questions?

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