The boring guest
Hi! My name is Kseniya and i'll be most
boring guest in your hostel. Why?
Because i'm always working.
No parties
No activities
No excursions
Just freelancing

I'm freelancing and travelling in Asia
at the moment. (after more then 3 years
in advertising agency in Moscow)

And offer guesthouse a barter:
my work in exchange for single room.
So, what can i do for you?

I can create a simple one-page
website, presenting your
hostel (like this one).

View some examples here

Print works

Need a brochure, business card
or menu for your bar / hostel?
No problem)

Explore examples

I create lots of presentations
for start-ups and small businesses, which help them
to find partners and investors.

Find some examples here
SM Strategy

I can manage your facebook and instagram page, draw posts and generate some ideas for it.
Want to see more?
Just download full portfolio in PDF
Currently in: Sri Lanka
Want to invite a boring guest to your place?
All work and no play makes me a boring guest.
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